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Cardiology Business 20220724

Cardiac Tests & Procedures Cost Variability 20220724

A new JAMA study found substantial cost variations in common cardiovascular tests and procedures across top US hospitals.

Cardiovascular Disease 20220720

Race and Cardiovascular Health 20220720

Two papers revealed considerable gaps in cardiovascular mortality between Black and White adults, despite improving trends overall.

Cardiology Business 20220715

Medtronic and CathWorks Partner on FFRangio 20220715

Medtronic is tightening its ties to CathWorks through a $75M investment while laying the groundwork for a future acquisition.

Preventive Cardiology 20220713

New Findings Reignite REDUCE-IT Concerns 20220713

The cardiology community is revisiting the high-impact and controversial REDUCE-IT study in light of new evidence that suggests the study’s placebo, mineral oil, is harmful.

Cardiovascular Disease 20220708

Increased CVD Risk for Cancer Survivors 20220708

Johns Hopkins researchers find cancer survivors face an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life.

Cardiology Policy 20220705

Roe v. Wade’s Cardiology Impact 20220705

The fall of Roe V. Wade garnered reactions from cardiologists across the country, many emphasizing the burden pregnancy places on the heart– literally– and how the Supreme Court’s decision may endanger patients.

Surgeries & Interventions 20220627

DECAAF II: Simple Ablation is Best 20220627

The debate around atrial fibrillation ablation procedures gained clarity last week, when the groundbreaking DECAAF II trial revealed that more aggressive treatment did not lead to better patient outcomes – and even increased health risks for patients with advanced AFib.

Artificial Intelligence 20220620

Automating Stress Echo 20220620

A new JACC study showed that Ultromics’ EchoGo Pro AI solution can accurately classify stress echocardiograms, while improving clinician performance with a particularly challenging and operator-dependent exam.

Guidelines 20220613

Chest Pain Implications 20220613

The major cardiac imaging societies weighed-in on the AHA/ACC’s new Chest Pain Guidelines, highlighting the notable shifts coming to cardiac imaging, and the adjustments they could require.

Cardiac Imaging 20220606

Untapped CAC 20220606

A new AJR study out of Toronto General Hospital highlighted the largely-untapped potential of non-gated chest CT CAC scoring, and the significant impact it could have with widespread adoption.

Artificial Intelligence 20220601

Cleerly’s Downstream Effect 20220601

disease (CAD) more accurately than myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI), and could substantially reduce unnecessary invasive angiographies. 

Artificial Intelligence 20220523 Automates Globally 20220523

One of imaging AI’s hottest segments just got even hotter with the completion of’s $15M Series A round and the global launch of its flagship echocardiography AI solution.

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