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Cardiology Policy April 15, 2024

Cardiology’s Industry Payments Problem April 15, 2024

Healthcare watchdogs set their sights on cardiology’s industry payments last week, revealing some key examples of how vendor payments could influence the approval and adoption of major cardiovascular technologies.

Cardiology April 11, 2024

Cardiac Wire’s Top 8 Takeaways from ACC 2024 April 11, 2024

The ACC 2024 meeting is now complete, after over 17,000 cardiology professionals converged in Atlanta to witness cardiovascular medicine evolve in front of their eyes. Among dozens of highlights, here are the Cardiac Wire’s eight biggest trends emerging from ACC24.

Gene Editing April 8, 2024

Verve Therapeutics’ PCSK9 Pivot April 8, 2024

Verve Therapeutics’ stock price and gene editing momentum both took major dips last week, after the company announced that it paused its Heart-1 trial evaluating its VERVE-101 PCSK9 gene therapy, and revealed that it will now prioritize the development of its VERVE-102 therapy.

Artificial Intelligence April 4, 2024

Chest X-Rays’ Cardiovascular Screening Potential April 4, 2024

There are over 70 million chest X-rays performed in the U.S. every year, and a pair of new studies highlighted how AI could be used to “opportunistically screen” these exams for undetected cardiovascular disease.

Cardiology April 1, 2024

Statins’ Diabetes Risks and Benefits April 1, 2024

A new Lancet study brought statins’ diabetes risks back into the headlines, showing that statins do indeed drive significant increases in new diabetes diagnoses, while arguing that statins’ cardiovascular benefits still far outweigh their diabetes risks.

Hypertension March 28, 2024

Merck’s Sotatercept Lands PAH Approval March 28, 2024

Patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension suddenly have a new and potentially powerful treatment option available to them, following the FDA approval of Merck’s sotatercept-csrk, which will be marketed as Winrevair in the US.

Obesity Care March 25, 2024

Weight Loss Drugs Land Medicare Coverage for Cardiovascular Events March 25, 2024

Less than two weeks after Novo Nordisk’s weight-loss drug Wegovy gained expanded FDA approval for cardiovascular event risk reduction, CMS issued a new Medicare Part D guidance that allows coverage of obesity drugs for senior patients with “an additional medically accepted indication”... like cardiovascular disease.

Preventive Cardiology March 21, 2024

Questioning Intermittent Fasting’s Cardiovascular Impact March 21, 2024

A new AHA study shocked the world this week, suggesting that intermittent fasting might significantly increase people's risk of cardiovascular death, sparking a wave of media coverage, and frenzy of criticisms from the cardiologist and scientific communities.

Pharmaceuticals March 18, 2024

Silence Therapeutics’ Zerlasiran Shows LP(a) Potential March 18, 2024

Silence Therapeutics’ zerlasiran continued to demonstrate its lipoprotein(a) impact, as topline Phase 2 data showed that the injectable siRNA slashed LP(a) levels by over 90% through 36 weeks.

Obesity Care March 14, 2024

Wegovy Gains Expanded Approval for CVD Risk Reduction March 14, 2024

Wegovy approved for CVD risk reduction, nanopainting anti-blockage drugs, and plenty of other cardiology news.

Preventive Cardiology March 11, 2024

Microplastics, Nanoplastics, and Major Cardiac Events March 11, 2024

A landmark NEJM study revealed that many patients with carotid artery disease might have microplastics and nanoplastics embedded in their carotid plaque, and those patients have a massive 4.5-fold greater risk of heart attack, stroke, or death within three years.

Heart Failure March 7, 2024

Endotronix Cordella Shows HF Impact in PROACTIVE-HF Trial March 7, 2024

Endotronix took a big step toward its vision for pulmonary artery pressure-based heart failure medication optimization, releasing positive results from its Cordella Sensor’s PROACTIVE-HF pivotal trial.

Surgeries & Interventions March 4, 2024

Boston Scientific AGENT Drug-Coated Balloon Lands Long-Awaited FDA Approval March 4, 2024

AGENT DCB lands FDA approval, the benefits of ECG for low-risk patients, and plenty of other cardiology news.

Preventive Cardiology February 29, 2024

Lipoprotein(a)’s High (and Uneven) Cardiovascular Risks February 29, 2024

Harvard researchers strengthened the link between high Lipoprotein(a) levels and greater risks of future cardiovascular events, including among patients who haven’t been diagnosed with ASCVD.

Imaging February 26, 2024

Philips Launches Radiation-Free LumiGuide Navigation System February 26, 2024

Philips made interventional imaging headlines last week, announcing the US and European launch of its LumiGuide interventional imaging system, positioning it as a key step toward “bringing healthcare closer to entirely radiation-free surgery.”

Heart Failure February 22, 2024

Reprieve Cardiovascular Looks to Transform ADHF Decongestion Management February 22, 2024

Reprieve Cardiovascular emerged this week, announcing a hefty $42M Series A round and an even bigger mission to “transform the standard of care” for patients with acute decompensated heart failure.

Surgeries & Interventions February 15, 2024

FDA Panel Strongly Supports Abbott TriClip TEER February 15, 2024

The FDA expert advisory panel votes are in, and they’re pointing in an overwhelmingly positive direction for Abbott's TriClip tricuspid edge-to-edge repair treatment.

Obesity Care February 12, 2024

Gastric Bypass Surgery’s Durable Hypertension Impact February 12, 2024

The associations between obesity and hypertension are widely known, but a new JACC study reveals that weight-reducing gastric bypass surgery has a significant and lasting impact on patients’ need for antihypertensives.

Surgeries & Interventions February 8, 2024

Biosense Webster’s Varipulse PFA Data Impresses at AF Symposium February 8, 2024

Biosense Webster might be a later entry into the AFib pulsed field ablation segment, but new trial data presented at the AF Symposium suggests that the J&J subsidiary’s Varipulse PFA system could make a big impact when it does hit the market.

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