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Artificial Intelligence June 24, 2024

New Echo AI Model Could Streamline Mitral Regurgitation Diagnosis June 24, 2024

Columbia and Cornell researchers developed an echo AI model that could improve the difficult task of mitral regurgitation diagnosis, and might even represent an AI-driven step towards enhancing all valvular regurgitation assessments.

Pharmaceuticals June 20, 2024

Marea Therapeutics’ Cardiometabolic Mission June 20, 2024

Marea Therapeutics emerged this week, announcing $190M in Series A/B funding and a mission to develop "a new generation of medicines for cardiometabolic diseases" - starting with their drug candidate targeting remnant cholesterol.

Cardiology Practices June 17, 2024

The Rise of Private Equity Cardiology Practice Acquisitions June 17, 2024

New research in JAMA highlighted the rapid growth of private equity-backed cardiology practice acquisitions, while revealing some interesting geographic factors driving this growth.

Preventive Cardiology June 13, 2024

New Calculations Could Slash Statin-Eligible Population June 13, 2024

A JAMA paper suggests that if the CVD guidelines adopt the AHA’s new PREVENT cardiovascular risk equations, it might slash the US’s eligible preventive statin user population by nearly 40%.

Structural Heart June 10, 2024

Edwards’ Strong Five-Year Small Annulus TAVR Outcomes June 10, 2024

Edwards and Medtronic’s fight for TAVR supremacy took an interesting turn last week, after Edwards showed that its SAPIEN 3 valve has similar five-year outcomes among patients with both small and large aortic annulus, regardless of their mean gradients and rates of prothesis-patient mismatch.

Artificial Intelligence June 6, 2024

Philips Expands & Integrates Echo AI Platform June 6, 2024

Philips’ ultrasound AI strategy took another big step this week, with the launch of its next-generation echo AI platform, which will come integrated with the company’s cardiovascular ultrasound systems and bring a range of new echo-automating capabilities.

Preventive Cardiology June 3, 2024

Preventive Statins Safe & Effective in Older Patients June 3, 2024

There is little consensus on whether or when to use statins for primary CVD prevention in older patients, but a new study provides compelling evidence for expanding statin use in this population.

Cardiology Practices May 30, 2024

The Disappearance of Private Practice Cardiology May 30, 2024

In the not too distant past, the vast majority of cardiologists worked their entire careers in private practice, but a range of economic and administrative changes have driven around 70% of US cardiologists into hospital and corporate employment. In today’s issue, we’re diving into cardiology’s employment shift, and what the future holds for private practice cardiologists.

Electrophysiology May 23, 2024

Cardiac Wire’s Top Six Takeaways from HRS 2024 May 23, 2024

The HRS 2024 meeting is now complete, after over 9,500 electrophysiology professionals converged in Boston to witness EP medicine evolve in front of their eyes. Among dozens of highlights, here are the Cardiac Wire’s six biggest trends emerging from HRS24.

Artificial Intelligence May 20, 2024

AI Clearances Surge, Cardio AI Share Declines May 20, 2024

The FDA published its latest Healthcare AI Database last week, featuring a massive 882 AI-enabled medical device clearances, and highlighting some interesting trends in cardiovascular AI.

Heart Failure May 16, 2024

Aficamten Shines in SEQUOIA-HCM Trial May 16, 2024

Cytokinetics’ obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy drug aficamten excelled in its SEQUOIA-HCM Phase 3 trial, significantly improving peak oxygen uptake, while achieving all secondary effectiveness and safety endpoints.

Imaging May 13, 2024

FFRCT Slashes PAD + CAD Mortality May 13, 2024

A study in the Journal of Vascular Surgery revealed that adding FFRCT assessments to patient workups prior to peripheral artery disease surgeries has a massive impact on coronary artery disease detection, treatments, and long-term outcomes.

Preventive Cardiology May 9, 2024

America’s CKM Syndrome Problem May 9, 2024

A new JAMA study revealed that a shocking 90% of US adults are at risk of developing cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic syndrome, underscoring the need for preventative action before we face a wave of CKM-related heart disease.

Preventive Cardiology May 2, 2024

Aspirin’s Lp(a) Primary Prevention Potential May 2, 2024

An observational study out of Emory suggests that aspirin could be the preventative Lp(a) treatment we’ve been looking for, finding that people with high Lp(a) levels who regularly take aspirin might significantly reduce their ASCVD mortality risks.

Heart Failure April 29, 2024

Could Statins Be The Next Breakthrough HFpEF Treatment? April 29, 2024

A new JAMA study suggests that statins might have a massive impact on HFpEF care, even among patients who don’t have atherosclerosis.

Cardiology Testing April 25, 2024

The MI Overdiagnosis Problem April 25, 2024

Over 750k people are diagnosed with myocardial infarction in the United States every year, and a new JAMA paper suggests that far more of those patients are incorrectly diagnosed than many might expect.

Atrial Fibrillation April 22, 2024

Atrial Fibrillation’s Downstream Consequences April 22, 2024

A BMJ study out of Denmark provided alarming new insights into atrial fibrillation’s impact on patients’ future cardiovascular health, while highlighting the need to improve post-AFib heart failure and stroke prevention.

Artificial Intelligence April 18, 2024

Cedars-Sinai Detects AFib with Echo AI April 18, 2024

A Cedars-Sinai-led team developed an echocardiography AI model that accurately detects patients with atrial fibrillation - including asymptomatic patients - potentially revealing a new “opportunistic screening” method to drive earlier AFib detection and treatment.

Cardiology Policy April 15, 2024

Cardiology’s Industry Payments Problem April 15, 2024

Healthcare watchdogs set their sights on cardiology’s industry payments last week, revealing some key examples of how vendor payments could influence the approval and adoption of major cardiovascular technologies.

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