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Artificial Intelligence April 24, 2023

Toku Envisions Retail-Based Retinal CVD and Diabetes Screening April 24, 2023

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes screening might be headed to your neighborhood eyeglasses retailer, at least if retinal AI startup Toku Eyes and its heavyweight optical industry backers prove correct.

Artificial Intelligence April 20, 2023

Cardiology’s AI Optimization Opportunity April 20, 2023

Cardiology AI's downstream potential, delayed and early AF ablation outcomes, and plenty of other cardiology news.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals April 17, 2023

The Potential of Personalized Hypertension Medicine April 17, 2023

A new study out of Sweden shows that people with hypertension can respond significantly better to some treatments than others, suggesting that hypertension treatment decisions might become far more personalized in the future.

Preventive Cardiology April 13, 2023

Is Moderate Exercise Safe on Statins? April 13, 2023

An interesting new study out of the Netherlands revealed that statins don’t exacerbate muscle-related harms from prolonged moderate-intensity exercise, and statin-associated muscle symptoms (SAMS) shouldn't stand in the way of physical activity.

Cardiac Imaging April 10, 2023

HeartFlow Lands $215M Series F April 10, 2023

Fourteen months after canceling a SPAC deal that would have helped solidify its FFRCT leadership and drive its expansion across the overall CCTA AI segment, HeartFlow landed a $215M Series F round to help make those goals a reality.

Artificial Intelligence April 6, 2023

Echo AI Improves LVEF Workflow and Variability April 6, 2023

Cedars-Sinai researchers published what might be the strongest evidence yet of AI’s ability to improve echocardiography workflows and accuracy.

Surgeries & Interventions April 3, 2023

Long AF Ablation Delays Drive Adverse Events April 3, 2023

A new study out of Canada exposed the country’s long atrial fibrillation ablation wait times, while showing how widespread AF ablation delays can have significant public health consequences.

Surgeries & Interventions March 30, 2023

Procyrion Aortix’s CRS Impact March 30, 2023

Data presented at THT 2023 showed that Procyrion's Aortix pump leads to rapid decongestion and improved kidney function in hospitalized patients with cardiorenal syndrome, representing a key milestone for Procyrion and potentially for CRS treatment.

Surgeries & Interventions March 27, 2023

Ancora Heart’s AccuCinch TLVR HF Improvements March 27, 2023

New data suggests that Ancora Heart’s investigational AccuCinch Transcatheter Left Ventricular Restoration (TLVR) system improves heart failure patients’ cardiac structure, quality of life, and function.

Preventive Cardiology March 23, 2023

Small Cardiorespiratory Fitness Changes, Big Mortality Impact March 23, 2023

A new JACC study highlighted the massive impact cardiorespiratory fitness has on mortality risks, including even small fitness changes.

Cardiology Business March 20, 2023

Esperion and Daiichi Sankyo’s Milestone Faceoff March 20, 2023

Esperion and Daiichi Sankyo went from partners to adversaries, after Daiichi revealed that it doesn't plan on paying Esperion the up to $440M in milestone payments associated with its bempedoic acid cholesterol drug.

Cardiovascular Disease March 16, 2023

Inflammation’s ASCVD Risks and Potential March 16, 2023

New data reveals that inflammation is a stronger predictor of future cardiovascular events and death than cholesterol among patients who take statins, suggesting that treatment regimens that target both LDL and vascular inflammation are more likely to reduce atherosclerotic risk.

Population Health March 13, 2023

Young Adult Risks Factors Predict CVD Tsunami March 13, 2023

Among all the ACC presentations that addressed cardiovascular disease prevention, one particularly alarming study underscored how crucial those preventative actions might be if we’re going to avoid a “tsunami of cardiovascular disease over the long-term.”

Cardiology March 9, 2023

Cardiac Wire’s Top 8 Takeaways from ACC 2023 March 9, 2023

ACC 2023 is officially a wrap, and it was by far cardiology’s biggest event in three years. In this story we detail Cardiac Wire’s top eight takeaways from ACC 2023.

Cardiovascular Disease March 6, 2023

FOURIER-OLE Shows Benefits of Reducing LDL-C Levels March 6, 2023

How low can you go? The lower the better, at least when it comes to low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C). That’s according to new findings from the FOURIER-OLE study, which found the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease among individuals with the lowest LDL-C levels.

Artificial Intelligence March 2, 2023

Creating A Novice Heart Failure Screening Pathway March 2, 2023

We hear a lot about AI’s potential to expand echocardiography to far more users and clinical settings, and a new study out of Singapore suggests that echo’s AI-driven expansion might go far beyond what many of us had in mind.

Cardiovascular Disease February 27, 2023

LDL-TG’s Atherosclerosis Association February 27, 2023

Out of tens of thousands of blood-based molecules and biomarkers, triglyceride-rich LDL molecules emerged as a direct cause of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease

Cardiovascular Disease February 21, 2023

Uncovering the Long-Term CV Risks Following Pregnancy Complications February 21, 2023

Long-term risks of pregnancy complications often go unmentioned between women and their physicians in routine practice. But this study reveals that adverse pregnancy outcomes are important lifelong risk factors for heart disease, and provide an opportunity to identify high-risk women earlier than with traditional risk factors alone. 

Cardiology Business February 16, 2023

GE HealthCare Adds Echo Guidance with Caption Health Acquisition February 16, 2023

GE HealthCare took a major step towards expanding echo ultrasound exams to new users and settings, acquiring AI guidance startup Caption Health.

Cardiology Business February 13, 2023

Biosense Webster’s PFA Milestone February 13, 2023

J&J’s Biosense Webster subsidiary is making strides toward the completion of its pulsed field ablation (PFA) clinical trial, joining competitors Medtronic and Boston Scientific in the race for FDA approval. 

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