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Questioning Antihypertensives | Obicetrapib’s LDL-C Impact

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Cardiology Pharmaceuticals June 5, 2023

Lexicon’s Lands Long-Awaited HF Approval June 5, 2023

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals’ Inpefa (sotagliflozin) just became the first FDA-approved dual SGLT2 / SGLT1 inhibitor for treating heart failure, landing a wide-ranging approval that could alter the HF treatment arena.

Remote Care June 1, 2023

UCSD’s Wearable Cardiac Ultrasound Milestone June 1, 2023

A team of UCSD scientists took a major step towards changing how, when, and where cardiac ultrasound exams are performed, unveiling the first fully integrated wearable ultrasound system intended for continuous heart monitoring.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals May 18, 2023

Amarin Vascepa’s Coronary Physiology Improvements May 18, 2023

Amarin presented results from the latest study on its Vascepa CVD medication (icosapent ethyl, aka IPE), suggesting that IPE improves users' coronary physiology.

Artificial Intelligence May 15, 2023

Philips Expands into Echo AI with DiA Acquisition May 15, 2023

Philips took a major step towards automating and expanding access to echo ultrasound exams, acquiring echo AI startup DiA Imaging Analysis.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals May 11, 2023

AstraZeneca’s Farxiga Lands Heart Failure FDA Extension May 11, 2023

AstraZeneca’s Farxiga (dapagliflozin) oral SGLT2 inhibitor just landed FDA approval for a far wider range of heart failure patients, now covering risk reduction among all adults with HF -- regardless of their left ventricular ejection fraction status.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals May 8, 2023

Tirzepatide Delivers in SURMOUNT-2 May 8, 2023

Results from Eli Lilly’s SURMOUNT-2 trial are in, and they further confirmed that its GLP-1 agonist tirzepatide drives meaningful weight loss among obese or overweight adults with type 2 diabetes.

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