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Surgeries & Interventions February 1, 2024

SAVR’s Value in the TAVR Era February 1, 2024

Procedure trends certainly suggest that we’ve entered the TAVR era, but a pair of new studies show that surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) is a far better option for many younger and healthier patients who are increasingly seen as TAVR candidates.

Pharmaceuticals January 29, 2024

Vascepa’s ACS Advantage January 29, 2024

Amarin’s fish oil-based Vascepa (icosapent ethyl, aka IPE) made its mark in 2018’s REDUCE-IT trial after achieving a 25% MACE reduction among high-risk statin users, and new post hoc analysis of the same data suggests that IPE might have an even greater benefit among patients who recently had acute coronary syndrome.

Remote Care January 25, 2024

CardioSignal Looks to Expand CVD Detection through Patients Phones January 25, 2024

Expanding access to heart disease detection is one of cardiology’s biggest challenges, and Finnish startup CardioSignal just raised $10M to address that challenge using one of the most accessible devices in the world - the smartphone.

Cardiovascular Disease January 22, 2024

Lipoprotein(a)’s Outsized Per-Particle Risks January 22, 2024

A pair of JACC studies layed what might be a new scientific foundation for all that research showing that people with high lipoprotein(a) have elevated cardiovascular risks.

Cardiology Practices January 18, 2024

Private Equity’s Cardiovascular Expansion January 18, 2024

Private equity’s massive expansion across US healthcare has largely skipped cardiology, but a new JAMA paper suggests that cardiovascular clinicians should expect PE to have a much greater influence within their specialty going forward.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals January 11, 2024

Strong-HF Analysis Supports Quick HF Medication Optimization January 11, 2024

Secondary analysis of Strong-HF trial data highlighted the benefits of quickly bringing heart failure patients up to full guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT), showing that rapid uptitration to optimal doses reduces readmissions and mortality, while improving quality of life.

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