Roche Enters Obesity Arena with Carmot Acquisition

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Surgeries & Interventions November 20, 2023

Medtronic’s Symplicity Spyral RDN System Lands FDA Approval November 20, 2023

The brand new US renal denervation arena gained its second major competitor on Friday, with the FDA approval and immediate commercial launch of Medtronic’s Symplicity Spyral RDN system.

Cardiology November 16, 2023

Cardiac Wire’s Top Six Takeaways from AHA 2023 November 16, 2023

Cardiac Wire's AHA 2023 recap, PCI improves angina symptoms, and plenty of other cardiology news.

Pharmaceuticals November 13, 2023

Lilly’s Zepbound (aka tirzepatide) Lands FDA Approval for Weight Loss November 13, 2023

The US obesity management arena gained a major new competitor last week with the FDA approval of Eli Lilly’s Zepbound, giving obese and overweight patients in the US a second (on-label) option beyond Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy.

Surgeries & Interventions November 9, 2023

Recor Medical’s Paradise Renal Denervation System Lands FDA Approval November 9, 2023

The renal denervation race hit a major new milestone this week after Recor Medical’s Paradise system became the first to land FDA approval for hypertension.

Population Health November 6, 2023

America’s Cholesterol Awareness Problem November 6, 2023

The prevalence of US adults with high LDL cholesterol levels, and the prevalence of adults who are unaware of their high LDL-C are both declining. However, these improvements aren't happening nearly fast enough - especially given our expanding cholesterol treatment options.

Pharmaceuticals November 2, 2023

Chinese Medicine Tongxinluo Improves STEMI Outcomes, Sparks Debates November 2, 2023

Could the next major heart attack treatment come from a traditional Chinese medicine? A new JAMA study suggests that might be more realistic than many of us think, after showing that the Chinese medicine Tongxinluo significantly improves outcomes among patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

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