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Cardiovascular Disease March 16, 2023

Inflammation’s ASCVD Risks and Potential March 16, 2023

New data reveals that inflammation is a stronger predictor of future cardiovascular events and death than cholesterol among patients who take statins, suggesting that treatment regimens that target both LDL and vascular inflammation are more likely to reduce atherosclerotic risk.

Population Health March 13, 2023

Young Adult Risks Factors Predict CVD Tsunami March 13, 2023

Among all the ACC presentations that addressed cardiovascular disease prevention, one particularly alarming study underscored how crucial those preventative actions might be if we’re going to avoid a “tsunami of cardiovascular disease over the long-term.”

Cardiology March 9, 2023

Cardiac Wire’s Top 8 Takeaways from ACC 2023 March 9, 2023

ACC 2023 is officially a wrap, and it was by far cardiology’s biggest event in three years. In this story we detail Cardiac Wire’s top eight takeaways from ACC 2023.

Cardiovascular Disease March 6, 2023

FOURIER-OLE Shows Benefits of Reducing LDL-C Levels March 6, 2023

How low can you go? The lower the better, at least when it comes to low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C). That’s according to new findings from the FOURIER-OLE study, which found the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease among individuals with the lowest LDL-C levels.

Artificial Intelligence March 2, 2023

Creating A Novice Heart Failure Screening Pathway March 2, 2023

We hear a lot about AI’s potential to expand echocardiography to far more users and clinical settings, and a new study out of Singapore suggests that echo’s AI-driven expansion might go far beyond what many of us had in mind.

Cardiovascular Disease February 27, 2023

LDL-TG’s Atherosclerosis Association February 27, 2023

Out of tens of thousands of blood-based molecules and biomarkers, triglyceride-rich LDL molecules emerged as a direct cause of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease

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