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The Heart & ADHD Meds | Rethinking HDL-C

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Surgeries & Interventions November 17, 2022

Cryoablation as a First-Line AFib Therapy November 17, 2022

Cryoablation outperforms antiarrhythmic drugs as a first-line defense against AFib. 

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals November 14, 2022

SPORT: Statins Obliterate OTC Heart Supplements November 14, 2022

Six widely used dietary supplements promoted for improving heart health – including brands of fish oil, cinnamon, garlic and turmeric – were not as effective as rosuvastatin at lowering “bad” cholesterol more after 28 days of use.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals November 10, 2022

Amgen’s Olpasiran Slashes Lp(a) Levels November 10, 2022

The Ocean(a)-DOSE trial made a splash at AHA this year, providing new insight into olpasiran’s potential to reduce Lp(a) levels in patients with ASCVD. In the phase 2 trial, 75 mg or more of the Amgen siRNA therapy delivered at least every three months basically obliterated Lp(a) levels. 

Artificial Intelligence November 7, 2022

CW Q&A:’s Strain Analysis Feature November 7, 2022

In this Cardiac Wire Q&A, we sat down with president Yoran Hummel to discuss’s soon-to-be-released automated strain analysis feature. 

Cardiology Business November 2, 2022

J&J to Buy Abiomed in $16.6B Deal November 2, 2022

Johnson & Johnson has struck a deal to buy Impella heart pump manufacturer Abiomed for $16.6B, expanding its cardiovascular care portfolio. 

Cardiac Imaging October 31, 2022

CW Q&A: Cleerly’s Image Transfer Solution October 31, 2022

We sat down with Cleerly CTO Nick Nieslanik to learn about how Cleerly is tackling the image transfer problem with their new solution, Proxy.

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