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Cardiology Pharmaceuticals November 10, 2022

Amgen’s Olpasiran Slashes Lp(a) Levels November 10, 2022

The Ocean(a)-DOSE trial made a splash at AHA this year, providing new insight into olpasiran’s potential to reduce Lp(a) levels in patients with ASCVD. In the phase 2 trial, 75 mg or more of the Amgen siRNA therapy delivered at least every three months basically obliterated Lp(a) levels. 

Artificial Intelligence November 7, 2022

CW Q&A:’s Strain Analysis Feature November 7, 2022

In this Cardiac Wire Q&A, we sat down with president Yoran Hummel to discuss’s soon-to-be-released automated strain analysis feature. 

Cardiology Business November 2, 2022

J&J to Buy Abiomed in $16.6B Deal November 2, 2022

Johnson & Johnson has struck a deal to buy Impella heart pump manufacturer Abiomed for $16.6B, expanding its cardiovascular care portfolio. 

Cardiac Imaging 20221031

CW Q&A: Cleerly’s Image Transfer Solution 20221031

We sat down with Cleerly CTO Nick Nieslanik to learn about how Cleerly is tackling the image transfer problem with their new solution, Proxy.

Surgeries & Interventions 20221026

Persistent AFib Breakthrough 20221026

The debate around persistent AFib treatment has continued among electrophysiologists for decades. Contrary to an existing evidence base that shows additional ablation beyond PVI adds nothing, this RCT found that electrically isolating areas of low-voltage did improve AFib suppression.

Surgeries & Interventions 20221021

Abiomed’s Impella Achievements 20221021

Abiomed is celebrating a string of Impella achievements this month, including a new FDA clearance, favorable study results, and, perhaps most importantly, the final wrap-up of Impella’s post-approval studies.

Artificial Intelligence 20221019

HeartFlow Adds Plaque and RoadMap Analysis 20221019

HeartFlow announced the FDA clearance of its new Plaque and RoadMap Analysis AI solutions, making it the “first and only” company to non-invasively assess CAD using anatomy, physiology, and plaque data from coronary CTA exams.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals 20221013

COVID Drug Paxlovid Interacts with Heart Medications 20221013

A review paper in JACC warns that the COVID antiviral Paxlovid may interact with common heart medications, potentially complicating treatment options.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals 20221012

Merck’s $11B Acceleron Merger is Paying Off 20221012

Merck just announced that its pulmonary arterial hypertension drug candidate \delivered positive results in a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial, potentially paving the way for a multibillion-dollar therapeutic and new hope for PAH patients.

Guidelines 20221009

Challenging the Salt Restriction Norm 20221009

A new study challenges the routine practice of restricting salt consumption in acute heart failure cases.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals October 5, 2022

SGLT2i: A Universal Heart Failure Solution? October 5, 2022

Insights from the present study provide practical evidence to substantiate the initiation of SGLT2 inhibitors during or right after a hospitalization for heart failure.

Physician Reimbursements 20220930

Plaque AI’s Reimbursement Milestone 20220930

The small list of cardiac imaging AI solutions to earn Medicare reimbursements just got bigger, following CMS’ move to add an OPPS code for AI-based coronary plaque assessments. That represents a major milestone for Cleerly, who filed for this code and leads the plaque AI segment, and it marks another sign of progress for the business of imaging AI.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals 20220928

Deprescribing Aspirin 20220928

For people on warfarin, discontinuing aspirin use may significantly reduce bleeding events without compromising thrombotic risks.

Surgeries & Interventions 20220923

Aggressive LDL Reduction Strategy 20220923

A new study shows aggressive in-hospital PCSK-9 therapy (plus statins) for heart attack patients would likely mean fewer deaths and cardiovascular events.

Surgeries & Interventions 20220921

Renal Denervation’s Comeback 20220921

While previous studies may have fallen short and more research might be needed, physicians and regulators can have renewed confidence that Medtronic’s Symplicity system and ReCor’s Paradise device lower blood pressure.

Preventive Cardiology 20220915

Is HFpEF an Exercise Deficiency Syndrome? 20220915

Thinking of HFpEF as an exercise deficiency syndrome will help physicians better understand the condition, recognize risk earlier, and most importantly, provide a clear path to prevention.

Cardiology Pharmaceuticals 20220914

Polypill’s Simplicity Advantage 20220914

A study in NEJM found that heart attack patients who took a “polypill” (a 3-part cocktail of aspirin, ramipril, and atorvastatin) had a lower risk of major CV events. But findings from the SECURE trial also left some docs scratching their heads.

Cardiovascular Disease Solutions 20220911

GRACE 3.0: Correcting the Default Male Risk 20220911

A Lancet-published study tackled the limitations of the GRACE 2.0 heart attack mortality risk score – namely, the systematic underestimation of mortality risk in female patients.

Surgeries & Interventions 20220902

Medtronic’s Defibrillation Innovation 20220902

A new era of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) may be on the horizon.

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