The 35 Best Cardiology Newsletters, Websites, and Influencers to Follow

We’re dedicating today’s top story to the people and publications that we rely on to find the most interesting cardiology stories from across the web. Assuming that you already subscribe to Cardiac Wire, these are the 35 other newsletters, websites, and social media accounts to follow if you really want to know what’s happening in cardiology.

I’ll always check the mainstream cardiology news websites (TCTMD, Medscape, et al.) and the major cardiovascular journals (JACC, AHA, JAMA Cardiology, etc.), but in order to find news that you won’t see elsewhere and understand how it impacts care, the juiciest stories usually come from the newsletters and websites run by people of cardiology.

The Best Cardiology Social Media “Influencers” to Follow

Nowadays the juiciest news isn’t even published, it’s posted. And it’s often posted by these legends of cardiology social media.

The Best Healthcare Newsletters and Sites

It can be pretty comfy inside the cardiovascular news bubble, but cardiology is just one part of healthcare. That’s what makes these newsletters and websites from outside the cardiology department so important.

The Takeaway

If you want to stay informed about cardiology news and know what’s going on across healthcare, these sources will give you everything you need. You can also join over 12k cardiology lifers and sign up for Cardiac Wire.

PS – If there’s any cardiology publications or people that should be on this list, let me know!

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